Exhibitions | Jerome Meadows

Artist: Jerome Meadows | Location: Savannah, Georgia

A Retrospective: Narrative and Mythology

December 7 - January 5, 2019

This exhibition consists of artistic works, both wall and floor mounted, spanning a range of materials and processes. From assemblage, conveying a narrative related to current sociological and political issues, to sculptural forms conceived around the harmonious interplay of materials and fabrication. Taken together, these works exist as a causeway between the objective and the subjective, a provocative link between our factual understanding and our fanciful interpretations. For it is the unique ability of art to serve as a bridge between life’s day-to-day demands and the sustaining power of ritual and myth.


This collection of works, spanning many years in the making, is an indication of my artistic voice as it continues to develop its intrinsic expression.


Note: This exhibition finished hanging on January 5, 2019.

Jerome Meadows

Savannah, Georgia

Jerome B. Meadows is a full time studio artist working and residing in the historic Ice House in Savannah, Georgia.  Originally from New York City, he’s been living in Savannah since 1997.  A graduate with a BFA degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA degree from the University of Maryland, Mr. Meadows has been self-employed as a visual artist and public space designer since 1992.  His focus in the arts has been in the design and fabrication of large scale public art projects, including site layout, landscape issues, along with the conceptualization and fabrication of sculptural components all fully integrated into a cohesive whole. These projects are located throughout the United States.

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