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Artist: Southern Voices/Global Visions | Location: Southeastern US

Southern Voices/Global Visions

September 23 - December 3, 2023

Southern Voices/Global Visions is an exhibition presented by a partnership between ArtFields & South Arts. This show features 41 artists on display in over 30,000 square feet of space in Lake City, SC. This show explores 5 themes, two of which are housed in TRAX Visual Art Center.


Mythically Speaking: Southern Past 

Mythically Speaking: Southern Past exemplifies the truth of Faulkner’s famous remark that “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” This section of the show presents the work of artists who delve into various aspects of Southern history as a way to understand our complicated present.

Artists in this section are: 

Jeremiah Ariaz, Louisiana

Tyrone Geter, South Carolina

Karen Ocker, Louisiana

Masud Olufani , Georgia

Marielle Plaisir, Florida

Colin Quashie, South Carolina

Bill Steber, Tennessee


Sounding Off: Southern Present 

Sounding Off: Southern Present brings together artists who explore the social, cultural, and political realities that together have created the contemporary South. They remind us that this is a region that is unique and distinctive but is also an integral part of the world around it.

Artists in this section are: 

Becky Alley, Kentucky

Nik Botkin, West Virginia

Kate Burke, Georgia

Hannah Chalew, Louisiana

Antonio Darden, Georgia

MyLoan Dinh, North Carolina

Garrett Hansen, Kentucky

Noelle Mason, Florida

Kristi Ryba, South Carolina

Loren Schwerd, Louisiana

Kirkland Smith, South Carolina

Marian Zielinski, Georgia


Check out all of our locations!

  • The ROB | 245 S Church St
  • TRAX Visual Art Center | 122 Sauls Street
  • Crossroads Gallery | 124 W Main Street
  • Jones-Carter Gallery | 105 Henry Street

Note: This exhibition finished hanging on December 3, 2023.

Southern Voices/Global Visions

Southeastern US

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