Exhibitions | Noah James Saunders

Artist: Noah James Saunders | Location: Athens, GA

The Depth of Wire

January 31 - March 21, 2020

I have always dreamed of having a show where I can put my latest art into the context of the process and personal journey out of which it was born. This dream is coming true!

Please join us at the TRAX Visual Art Center for the first ever Survey of Noah James Saunder’s 30 year conversation with wire. This show will feature my very first wire sculptures and all my favorite wire creations whose making paved the way for my most recent, and perhaps most meaning filled sculptures.The latter having been inspired by my most recent art study trip to Italy, which opened my creative soul and lead me to surrender the title of student of my craft, and to begin to create works of significant, lasting meaning.

This survey will also include my jewelry and ceramics juxtaposed with the amazing fabric art of Andrea Wellnitz.

Note: This exhibition finished hanging on March 21, 2020.

Noah James Saunders

Athens, GA

Noah James Saunders has been working full-time for the past twenty five years honing his craft as a sculptor and jeweler. Born and raised in Georgia, he is currently based in Athens, GA. Since the mid-nineties, Noah has shown his work regularly in solo and juried exhibitions in galleries and universities across the southeast. In 2018, Noah was selected as one of twelve finalists for the Luxembourg Art Prize, giving him the opportunity to show his art internationally for the first time. His work is now in the permanent collection of the Pinacotheque Museum of Luxembourg. Noah's aim it is to make art that goes as deep as his imagination, which is a life long journey of discovery...

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